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Instant GM 1&2 Ramsey Lundock

Instant GM 1&2

Ramsey Lundock

Published June 26th 2008
ISBN : 9781933866161
72 pages
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 About the Book 

From the BEST SELLING digital product: Instant GM Need to prepare for your next gaming session in a hurry? Instant GM can help. Need ideas for the adventure youre writing? Instant GM can help. Need a personality for a non-player character? Instant GM can help. You spent hours designing the deadly ruins for the player characters to explore but the characters would rather go to the enchanted elf glade you put on the edge of the map as an afterthought. Now what? Instant GM can help you run an adventure centered around the enchanted elf glade that will convince the players that is what you spent hours preparing for. No matter how well planned out a scenario is, the only sure bet is that the players will think of something the author and/or GM didnt think of. There is no need to panic when you have to improvise behind the GM screen. With the help of the simple tricks outlined in this tome, improvising is no more difficult than following the planned adventure, and it can lead in unexpected and exciting directions. The tools of the Instant GM include: * Plot seeds to help you stay focused on the plot even when the game takes an unexpected turn. * Plot hooks to pull the adventuring party into your lovingly written scenario. * A stock character library to draw on when the adventure needs an unexpected NPC. * Rakugo Props: Learn how to turn everyday items you have at the gaming table into an endless variety of props to help your players envision the worlds of the adventure. These tricks work so well, you might start planning less for your games. 100% system generic advice any GM can use