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Absolom Rex K.L. Coones

Absolom Rex

K.L. Coones

Published 2010
119 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Roman prefect, Pontius Pilate, is sent on an unwilling errand for Caesar- subdue the Judean province and establish undisputed roman rule. But dangers from religious zealots and political scheming are nothing. A nightmare being- only whispered of in the ancient tales of the Greeks, reveals itself. As the world he once knew shatters, Pontius must decide- do battle with the malevolence, or flee.Absolom Rex is a unique work in the world of the horror genre. When most books depend on the shock value of a beheading or use of insanity as a primary character trait, Absolom Rex, draws inspiration from the roots of the genre, where the environment sets the mood of a story, dialogue drives the characters and their development forward, and proper description puts the reader into the scene for maximum emotional impact.Absolom Rex also draws inspiration from actual historical accounts, providing a believable setting for otherwise supernatural occurrences and characters. What makes Absolom Rex truly unique is the subtle warping of historical fact into riveting and entertaining fiction.Absolom Rex will entrance and entertain both history buff and casual reader alike. Preview available at Smashwords.com.