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Power of Letting Go Pam Vredevelt

Power of Letting Go

Pam Vredevelt

Published February 19th 2009
ISBN : 9780307562913
256 pages
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 About the Book 

Its Time to Really LiveIs this your best life? Or is it your just getting by life? Passion and dreams can wilt under the weight of worry and disappointment that life brings. Oh, but the power that comes with letting go! Reclaiming your life and getting back on track is what God wants for you. In The Power of Letting Go, licensed professional counselor Pam Vredevelt comes alongside to help you eliminate the barricades that have kept happiness and contentment from your door. Through biblical teaching and drawing on twenty years of counseling experience, her wisdom and practical guidance will lead you to peace of mind and tranquillity of heart.Are You Clinging to an Endingor Preparing for a New Beginning?Do you feel like you somehow missed the life you were meant to have? Do you miss YOU? Maybe you know exactly what it is, or maybe you cant quite put your finger on it, but you know somethings got to change. And that it must begin with finding the courage to take that first step.No matter what your circumstances, there is a sure way to overcome lifes heartaches and face your tomorrows with hope and peace. The power is in letting go.With biblical wisdom, life coach Pam Vredevelt helps you take that first step--and then all the steps--to breaking down the barriers once and for all. Shell show you how to move forward into the life of freedom and happiness that you were meant to have, the life God created you for!Pams writing speaks to the place where people are living.With sensitivity and insight, Pam gently prompts the reader to takea new direction. She brings hope and healingwhere before there was only darkness.H. Norman Wright, Counselor and author ofRecovering from Losses in Life and Why Did This Happen to Me?Story Behind the BookAfter twenty years of counseling experience, Pam Vredevelt, LPC, pinpointed the one question that the majority of her clients all shared: How do I let go of the negative emotions weighing me down? Now in The Power of Letting Go , she writes as someone whos been there, someone whos experienced for herself the freedom of resolving nagging emotions lingering from the past. Words from this life coach go a long way, as her primary passion is equipping the hurting in order to get unstuck and back on track, progressing toward the life of freedom that God promises to every one of His children. From the Trade Paperback edition.